March 19, 2015



At we have re structured the calculations as to how you can invest and SHARE IN THE PROCEEDS BASED UPON A % OF THE PROPERTIES SALES PRICE!

Just like a realtor, our method is BETTER, and designed that you earn as a partner and enjoy as the realtor does in the % of the actual sales prices or ARV (after renovation value)

We have LOTS of CURRENT-LIVE deals that we have handpicked to share with you. ,but you need to visit now to get access to this amazing program. There is NO better way to invest and flip properties, EARN 36-60% return on your dollars, I bet you are not enjoying that now!

Choose the deals you want, have more profits, more leisure time while earning more. Sound too good to be true? Check it out yourself and visit our FAQ section for answers to your questions and possible concerns. Our online calculator will allow you to project potential profits.

Its’ the SMARTER way to invest, SAFELY!

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April 27, 2013

Multifamily Renovation funding

Multifamily Renovation funding

We can do 70% of the purchase price and 100% of the rehab.

April 20, 2013

Construction and Rehab Loan LTV up to 65% of future value


Spec Construction, Owner Occupied Builder, or Investor Rehab Flipper
·        Residential/Multi-Family/Commercial Property unfinished or under construction with approved plans

Owner Occupied and Non-Owner Occupied
·       Exit Strategy at your discretion: Refinance, Occupy or Sell the property upon completion
·       Purchase Money + Construction
·       Refinance + Construction
·       Cash out to Construction · Ground Up Construction


Construction and Rehab Loan LTV up to 65% of future value
Construction loans up to $4.5 million for ground up or construction completion
Loan decision based on future appraised value not purchased value
Loan decision based on the quality of the project
Reasonable Construction Periods

April 7, 2013

100% of all hard and soft costs at closing

This week we’re featuring a group that has a very aggressive construction financing platform for single tenant credit properties.  They will provide , allowing the developer to preserve their capital and collect fee income during construction.  Deal sizes range from $10M-$500M and they will look at smaller deals on a case-by-case basis.  Almost all property types will be considered including governmental or state-run facilities, manufacturing, all retail including big box, drug stores, restaurants, convenience stores, medical office, data centers, university buildings including housing, and others product types.  The asset class is less important than the credit quality, which could range from investment grade companies to small retail franchisees.  Please feel free to reach out to us if you have a deal that you’d like to discuss.


March 24, 2013

That Hard Money Guy Blog




CLTV is a combination of loans from a lender and the seller. A lender will fund a first position mortgage with a LTV of 60 to 80% of the purchase price or of the appraised value; often the lender will allow for the seller to carry a 2nd mortgage for the balance (or some portion of the balance.) This loan structure reduces or eliminates the amount of cash the buyer of the property would have to contribute towards the purchase.     This is a power loan structure often under used or misunderstood by real estate investors. Often investor are scared or hesitant to ask the seller to carry the 2nd; what the investor should remember is that the seller purchased the property with the thought of creating residual income. So the concept of receiving residual money without the responsibilities that comes with ownership could…

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March 13, 2013

Capital Source of the Week

BCG has identified a capital provider focused on single family residential development and construction that is backed by a large hedge fund and has a strong appetite to deploy capital through both debt and equity platforms.

On the debt side they’ll provide funds for SFR construction and will lend on acquisition and development for SFR as long as they also provide the construction dollars.  They’ll also lend on land under contract to be sold to a builder if there’s at least a tentative map on the dirt at the time of loan closing.  Cost of debt is 8-11% with 0.5-2pts at close.  Loan sizes of $8-40M, up to 85% Loan-to-Cost.

On the equity side they will joint venture and provide funds for option payments and entitlement costs if there is a clear and short path to entitlement.  Equity investments of $2-10M.

This capital source will look at deals nationally but has a preference for the Western US.  They can move very quickly for the right deal.  We recently presented them a debt opportunity and they provided a term sheet in one day with a targeted close nine days later.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have a deal that you’d like to discuss.

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March 10, 2013

Hard Money Lenders

A lot of property traders vary on certain private difficult money lenders for their individual reference. Yet obtaining the funding for many property possessions could be really hard merely in case you meet the improper lender. This record could potentially enable you to inform the alternative in between these monetary lender and allow you manage the ones that can easily assist you.

Only a few hard money lender fl definitely understand treatment and resell investment method made use of by a substantial number of real property shareholders all around the country. The reality is, you will certainly deem various kinds of private loan providers. There are commercial financial investment creditors, development creditors, bridge lenders, high quality house creditors, and residential loan providers.
By totally knowing your business strategy, you’ll have the ability to speak with appropriate difficult financier that helps out property investors exactly like you. Apart from that, these difficult money lenders additionally vary in their funds source. They’re financial institution creditors and personal challenging financier.
Financial institution Creditors. These creditors acquire funding from a provider like a bank or perhaps an economic establishment. These loan carriers give home loans to capitalists then sell the paper to an economic company such as the Wall Street. They carry out the funds they attain from selling the paper to make even more credit to additional lenders.
Since these loan carriers depend on an outside source for backing, the Wall Street together with various other monetary firms hired a collection of laws that each and every residential property should satisfy the demands to be able to be qualified for for a personal loan. These laws are usually undesirable genuine estate home investors like us.
Exclusive difficult money lenders. The instance of these lenders is very various from the financial institution creditors. Unlike the bank loan carriers, these lenders do not supply the paper to outdoor organizations. They’re a lot of capitalists that are looking for a greater revenue on their endeavors. Their option manufacturing is exclusive and their rules are very beneficial to great deals of real property consumers.
However there’s a key concern with these private loan providers. They do not have a score of policies that they remain normal with. Because they keep exclusive, they can easily upgrade their principles and home loan fees anytime they desire. This may make such loan dealers truly tough to count on for property capitalists.
Nevertheless, one great benefit difficult financier have looking for them is the absence red tape when compared to taking care of banks; loans could be refined and completed in a concern of days in The Boyd Capital Group LLC.
And it is not just for mortgage payments either. Hard money lenders are normally in the position to release cash-strapped company that strained during the economic recession. Companies that they can recover and did prepared to put their residential properties on the line for it. As financial institution after financial institution turned them away, brokers viewed and chance for all celebrations to profit. Visit the website  if you want to learn about hard money lender fl.

March 3, 2013

Commercial Hard Money Lender

The extended recession in the US has left many homeowners remain in a position where they cannot  patch up their mortgage. As these homeowners look for a good way to keep their  properties many come across the term hard money loan. The natural idea is to think that a hard money loan could possibly allow you to refinance your home and keep it.



Hard money loans have a misconception of being regarded loans for people with poor credit, or personal loans when you just need cash. Those kinds of loans do exist; there are not appropriate hard money loans.

A hard money loan is typically a short-term loan, secured by real estate having MASSIVE equity. Primarily investors that are  acquiring   the property  to rehab it and resell it use them. Where as  it is  not possible to use them to stop foreclosure it is highly unlikely that a…

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February 28, 2013

Real Estate Lead Generation

“I’m sick of it!”

“I can’t take it anymore!”

“I’m going to come clean with you about all of boot-camps and training seminars and every other program out there taught by some guy that has never done it or, for that matter, has done it but makes it sound like everything he touches turns to gold and he has never lost a dime.

 You’ve have to be kidding me!

I honestly believe that I have read almost every training program on the market today about commercial real estate. You know, apartment complexes, multifamily buildings, duplexes, triplexes, you name it. Some of them from an educational viewpoint are actually pretty good. Others are just retreads of someone else’s work.

I have no idea how some of these guys can love  themselves selling that crap.

Here’s how it typically goes. First, you made the decision that you want to get into the real estate business…

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February 26, 2013

Double digits rate and higher pts.


Here are Hard Money Lender: Things You Ought to Know some crucial details that you need to have to know about tough cash loan companies.

In a lot of cases, buyers will refer to funds as either gentle or tough depending on Commercial Hard Money Loans – Your Absolute Last Resort To Finance Commercial Real Estate the phrases of lending. This signifies that a gentle credit is simpler to obtain. Hard credit rating, on the other hand, comes with extremely stringent phrases producing it hard for borrowers to receive. The explanation why this sort of credit history comes with stricter phrases is due to the fact it is supplied by non-public people who have big quantities of funds on hand. No question the monies are also referred to as non-public financial loans. Since this income arrives from non-public folks and not establishments, there has to be rigorous terms in purchase…

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